Internet Marketing Simplified

Posted by Voja Lambert in

The most effective way to increase your exposure on the internet and consequently your SEO rankings and web traffic can be summed up as this:

Ten54 dropping support for IE7

Posted by Voja Lambert in

Internet Explorer 7 usage has dropped under 1% this year, and in celebration of this, we are dropping support for it.

Basic Website Aftercare

Posted by Voja Lambert in

Now your website is launched, it’s important that you take various steps to ensure that you and your customers get the most out of it.

Cookie Law Comes in to Play

Posted by Chris Wells in

Recently the law changed regarding information that can be saved on users' computers and mobile devices as they peruse the Internet.

Dummy's Guide to hook_form_alter()

Posted by Chris Wells in

One of the perks of Drupal is being able to alter pretty much anything, and one of the more common things that we need to change are forms - maybe wrapping fields in more logical div tags, or chang

Drupal for Social Media

Posted by James Riley in

Just came across this fun tube-esque map from Acquia of how versatile Drupal can be in helping you implement your social media strategy.

Getting down to serious business requires careful planning

Posted by Chris Knight in

One of the great loves of my life has been scuba diving. Dropping into the ocean is like journeying into outer-space.

Why Use Drupal

Posted by Voja Lambert in

Drupal is a Content Management System or CMS. This basically means it provides an interface for you to easily manage the content (i.e. pages, text, images, users, etc) on your website.

Top 10 Drupal Modules for Web Design and Development

Posted by Chris Wells in

As a website design agency, we use Drupal as the base for our websites, giving us a good website development platform to start from.

Hmmm, what’s another word for Google (Part 1)?

Posted by James Riley in

The World Wide Web has come a long way from those heady days of early adoption in the 1990s; even my grandfather, bless him, is busy beavering away booking flights, winning that garden fork he has

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